Web Developer/Designer - Technical Support - Geek

My current occupational title is Web UI Architect. I'm experienced with various web-centric technologies such as ASP, JSP, XHTML, CSS, Cold Fusion, XML/XSL. My creative side finds great joy with front-end web development while my geek side likes to write reusable code.

‘Techy’. I seem to have a knack with technology. It may be that I enjoy discovering how things work. Whatever the cause, people tend to call on me for assistance with their computing needs. I've done first and second level help desk support as well end-user training. There's a certain satisfaction I get from being able to help people, and this fulfills that desire for me. Even with my current title, I find many of my fellow web developers call on me for their computer questions.

Here is a summary of the work that I have done. For a more detailed description, check out my resume.

Standards based site design for MyNewPlace.com.

Technology: XHTML, CSS, JSP, Java

MyNewPlace screenshot

Ofoto / Kodak Mobile Service

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Web development and css based page design for the Kodak Mobile Serivce website. Assisted in the xhtml/css refactoring of the Ofoto site, now known as Kodak EasyShare Gallery. Part of team dedicated to the globalization/localization of sites.

Technology: XHTML, CSS, JSP, Java

Kodak Mobile Service screenshot

Tenrec, Inc.

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Tenrec Logo

Created DHTML Menus and navigation for Tenrec clients.

Technology: HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Tenrec / Sens Furniture

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Sens Furniture screenshot

Developed site based on artists mockups.

Technology: HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Tenrec / Sedwick, Detert, Moran & Arnold

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Job Postings page screenshot

Created Job Posting and Resume Submission web application.

Technology: HTML, Cold Fusion

Tenrec / Lucas Arts

Tenrec Logo

Created a data conduit application which collects magazine subscription information from a database and publishes to the Lucas Arts Hyperspace service.

Technology: Visual Basic, SOAP, ADO

SV Technology, Inc.

SV Technology Logo

Created various DHTML based components including:

  • Folder Picker which dynamically retrieves folder information from a Document Management System
  • Dynamic navigation menus and menu administration application
  • Seach term highlighting and navigation
  • Image browsing and upload tool

Created ActiveX controls written in Visual Basic which provides views into client systems such as iManage Document Management System and Lotus Notes.

Technology: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Java, JSP, Cold Fusion, ASP, Visual Basic, ActiveX

Townsend and Townsend and Crew, LLP

Townsend and Townsend and Crew Logo

Wrote MS Office automation scripts and templates to aid with automated document generation. Created databases and front end applications used to track and automat client documents. Maintained corporate website. Assisted with the creation of corporate intranet.

Technology: HTML, ASP, Visual Basic, ADO