Personal website for John Tock.



I am a Libra born in the year of the Pig in Chicago, Illinois. I have been a loving resident of San Francisco since 1997, when I relocated to the west coast. I am happily partnered with my soul mate "JuicyFruit" Jim, who I met in March 2004.



I have many interests - however, I'd rather do just about anything else than watch television. I do find movies to be rather enjoyable, when I find to time to watch them. Music is one of my biggest interests - I like just about every style of music. Some of my favorite musicians are Laurie Anderson, Dead Can Dance, Infected Mushroom, Shpongle and Björk. I am always looking for and listening to new music and my tastes are always changing and broadening.

Dancing is another favorite thing to do, but I am kind of picky about the music I dance to. I prefer faster, darker, dance music, similar to the music of artists like of Infected Mushroom and Hallucinogen, generally referred to as either Goa or Psychedelic Trance. The more complex and thought-out the music is, the better for me, and the more I love it. Another genre I am partial to is called Techno/Tech-House, which I often hear played by one of my favourite DJ's - Dragn'fly.

I also enjoy writing, traveling, and sharing time with my friends, however I do not seem to have as much time to do these activities as I would like.

I am usually willing to try new things too - so you never know what I might pick up next.



Photography: My dear friend, Scott Thompson, has introduced me to the fun of photography. I'm really finding photography to be exceptional creative outlet, giving me a nice mix of technical and creative energies. You will find many selections of both fun and semi-professional photos that I have taken around my site.

Fire Dancing: My friend Jay Justice got me all excited about Fire Dancing / Poi Spinning. I love to spin to the same music that I love to dance too. I also enjoy teaching others to spin, and plan to continue to teach my self more about this fun activity.

Burning Man: Somehow, It was inevitable that I would end up at Burning Man. The 8 day long event held in the northern Nevada Dessert (outside Reno) is all about the people, music, art, self-expression, community, understanding and love. All of these can all be found out on the playa in an orgy of positive energy, creativity, fun and frolic. In the past I've camped with a wonderful group called the Playa Fairies as well as the Astro Pups I introduced my partner to Burning Man in 2004 and he is hooked too. We look forward to our annual pilgrimage to Black Rock City.

Computer Geeking: I loving geeking out on my computers — ask anyone. Playing with new software, hardware and toys is always an easy way to chase away the rainy day blues and to loose hours of time (grin). Home theater and media, as well as home automation have been one of my most recent interests.